Egwuatu Nneka – Director of Operations

Egwuatu Nneka’s favorite motto is “The best company places customers’ needs at
the forefront of other considerations”. In the world of real estate, such needs are
property location, integrity of service, speed of service and return on investment
(ROI) for investors.
Leveraging on her impeccable record in client service delivery, property portfolio
management and marketing, Ms. Egwuatu established Imperium Real Estate and
Construction Limited to offer properties at the right location, provide great asset
quality and transparent transactions for investors, no matter their investment
Ms. Egwuatu is an experienced Director with demonstrable history in the real
estate and construction Industry. She is skilled in real estate marketing, business
planning, real estate development and management.
Ms. Egwuatu is versatile, highly analytical and graduated top of her class. She was
on the Honors roll at the Wisconsin International University College Accra, Ghana,
from where she obtained a degree in Business Administration.